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Before the treatment

  • The physician usually numbs the injection site, but no additional anesthesia is required.

During treatment

  • Your physician administers a small amount of Varithena.

  • The Varithena microfoam fills the desired section of the vein and treats the vein wall, causing the diseased vein to collapse.


  • Blood flow is redirected to healthier nearby veins. The microfoam disperses as it comes into contact with blood in healthy veins.

  • Your physician uses the same process on any other veins that need treatment.

  • The most common side effects are leg pain or discomfort, injection site bruising or pain, and potentially serious blood clots in the leg veins. 

After treatment

  • While allergic reactions are rare, a healthcare professional will watch you for signs of an allergic reaction for at least 10 minutes.

  • Your physician applies bandages and compression stockings to your leg.

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